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Ever do a whole gram of RSO?
Did half this am and didn't even notice.
Trying a gram...

Tonight, it is gluing. Paired with a diode for reverse current protection, it has a true hardware safety switch in the form of the reverse lever/switch. It has a fully locked position as well as a full reverse- which the diode is there to prevent me sending negative power to the laser diode.
Tomorrow I'll have a 5W handheld laser pistol inside my favorite childhood toy. Always wanted it to be real.

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The trigger I'm using is a generic DeWalt replacement, and it's a little wider than the original but otherwise surprisingly close in dimensions. I'm cutting out plastic to make it fit and it'll be kind of a sandwich job with a little Oreo filling.

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I'm so close to a functioning Worlds of Wonder Starlyte Laser Tag laser pistol with 5W of eye popping, skin burning power.
I figured if the cops kill kids over fake laser pistols, why not have a real one.

@thegibson “One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law.” - Martin Luther King Jr is coming :)

I'm spending a little bit every day or two- moving it along.

Soon we'll be able to start rating/ranking any object in the known universe- and when those objects are people, their own affects on other rankings change in proportion.

I'm spending my weekend learning how to do firestore reads and writes, while validating my data, and build my app into an architecture that makes sense meanwhile....

Does Clarence Thomas even have 3/5 of a spine?

How can he even stand?

I am launching a new site soon. What was supposed to be actually my current mastodon node,, is now getting its core roots at

Basically, you'll be able to rate anything you can represent in a URI-. A URI includes things like data://, tel:// and mailto:// for starters. You'll be able to rate people, interactions, and as you yourself are rated, your influence on other's ratings goes up or down.
To start with, the site will accumulate ranking data and test things out.

It’s only right that I send all the #kindness I can to whoever needs it right now because other people helped me when I needed it

Today I learned a new stack/concept and really got my hands around the throat on this project. It's helping my other projects that use the blazor firebase auth component I made, but it's really just the URI/URL rating site experiment. It's a secret. 🤫
Don't say a word.🤐

I know that no breath i take going forward will ever be easier than today, and it's already hard as hell. I'm so tired of breathing.

how many trans people does it take to change a lightbulb 

one but they have to convince two people with a phd that they’re really sure they don’t wanna live in the dark first

Verizon advertising 5G home internet- but it's throttled to 3MB/s after 25GB which is a show or two. Half of a blu-ray which is actually better resolution.

I've talked to two support agents today from cable and internet... I think the world is giving me a sign.
One was named Akshit and the other was Shital.

I have been on the internet too long.
Especially with that cover image...

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